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The author community

Posted by on March 25, 2018 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (1)
We are finding such love and encouragement within the community of writers we have come across, mostly on facebook thus far, but they are truly a great bunch of people. Lynn is especially excited because writing has become so important to her and now she is able to connect with others who have the same passion. As for me, I'm still disappointed by this spring so far. Several inches of freezing rain and snow, there was even a travel warning here today! How crazy is that? I am just glad that this coming week it is supposed to be in the 50's. Kenzie and I are taking a few days of R&R and it would be nice if it's warm enough for Kenzie to get out and about, I am so tired of this attic that I can hardly stand it! I could use some good ole fashion people watching time, though last time I suppose that landed us in the middle of quite a case! Speaking of cases, Lynn has uncovered some of the cases we hadn't shared with her yet and she is furiously writing away hoping to have them ready to go this spring/summer to share on amazon as individual stories, so if you like her bigger work, we hope you will check these out and will post links once they are up and going. A few out there have been reading our adventures here lately as Lynn tells us that 2 ebooks have sold this week and there have been several hundred pages read in kindle unlimited:)

Trailer Coming Soon

Posted by on March 21, 2018 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Lynn has been hard at work making a trailer to let readers like you know more about her book covering some of our greatest adventures!  She almost has it completed.  We have also been blown away by the warm reception on Facebook, over 100 likes in less than 48 hours!

In other news, spring is here!  Or so they say, indiana weather makes me want to demand a refund!  It's SNOWING!  How can it be SNOWING?  Granted, i don't really feel temperatures anymore but the world is just more alive in spring.  Plus the hot guys wear less, I may be dead but i'm not blind!

Exciting things are happening!

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Today Lynn got a request for an interview, she had so much fun answering the questions, and we are all really excited to see the end result!  Also, I wrote a song and it has been set to music, hopefully the project we are working on with it will be ready to share in the next few days as we are all really excited about it!

Our 4 'haunted' dolls are also now in the house, nothing has happened yet, but there is one that definitely has the vibe though i think she is keeping herself cloaked in her porcelain vessel.  I'm hoping she shows herself soon and that we can be friends!  We are going to take some time over the weekend to see if we can make them feel at home enough to interact.  I will be sure to share the results here!

Haunted Dolls

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Someone has sent to Kenzie and I 4 dolls that they claim are haunted.  The stories are all of children who had tragic lives and their hope is that Kenzie and I can help these tiny souls move on.  They have just arrived, so we shall see if there is any truth to the thought of these dolls containing the spirits of innocent children.